I am Aura Laforest, a community herbalist located in rural Québec, Canada. As a folk-herbalist I enjoy being able to offer classes, workshops, consultations and tastings of herbal foods. I was led to the practice of root doctoring by the Spirits of the plants themselves, asking to find use in more realms than merely the physical one. As such, my work carries a strong emphasis on the use of roots, herbs and natural curios in all their shapes and forms. I also regularly integrate the use of teas, tinctures, salves and baths custom-formulated for the needs of my clients. When needed, I can also offer hands-on cleansing and/or Reiki (both in person and long distance) being a member in good standing of the Canadian Reiki Association.

It is my feeling that the techniques of Conjure can be a powerful way to use magic as a tool of manifestation and transformation in our daily lives. When used in conjunction with self-awareness, planning and real-world gestures or lifestyle changes, it is a powerful ally and a beneficial edge. Ultimately, I consider that my work as a Root Doctor is to equip people so they no longer require my services. I want you to be able to heal yourself and remedy your own difficulties, with a helping hand to guide in that process as required. I strive to empower my clients, improving abilities and knowledge in herbs, Conjure and personal growth through our Professional relationship.

I advocate coaching and teaching you to a far greater extent than simply spell-casting on your behalf, although I can and do back up the work of my clients. I will also cast when Spirit-led to do so, particularly when circumstances prevent you from doing so on your own or when a job is particularly complex. I also know my limits and should your situation be outside my abilities or field of expertise, I won’t hesitate to guide you to a Professional better suited to help you in either the magical or mundane world.

Lady-hearted by nature, I do not undertake cursing work and am quite picky when it comes to anything of a coercive nature. I can however be quite heavy-handed when it comes to road-opening, personal growth and life-change endeavours, at which I excel. If you need movement in your life and change in your habits, you’ve come to the right worker. Self-improvement and personal development are passions and it is a joy to help others towards a richer and more radiant quality of life.

Women and children’s health and issues are also subjects close to my heart for which I can supply guidance and accompaniment from both a magical and herbal perspective. Other areas I will work roots for include spiritual cleansing, studies, prosperity, blessing, employment, travel, and love.

Although I practice on behalf of persons of all denominations and spiritual beliefs, I was raised in the Catholic Faith and familiar with its folk magical traditions. I am also able to provide information, techniques and prayers for the intercession many different Saints. On the site there are informational pages devoted to a number of commonly petitioned Saints.

You’ll also find on this site some of my favourite simple spells, as well as random thoughts on different subjects and information on selected herbs and curios. I also strongly recommend consulting the free information on Conjure that catherine yronwode has so generously made available to all at Lucky Mojo, particularly if you are a newcomer to hoodoo.

The Limits of Root Doctoring:

Spell-casting does not come with guaranteed results of success nor does it operate within a specific time frame. Consider it like having an edge in what it is you undertake, stacking the odds in your favour. Please keep in mind that Rootwork does not perform miracles, it also does not replace going to a doctor or taking real-world actions to support your magical intention.


All magical services provided and products offered are sold as curios for entertainment purposes only; we make no claims for their efficacy.

Contact Information:


To better serve my clients, I do not keep set business hours. Consultations are by appointment only.

Please note that I am located in the Eastern Time Zone in Québec, Canada. I appreciate your taking any time differences into consideration when you contact me.

Association-of-Independent-Readers-and-Root-Workers Member of AIRR: the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers

The Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (AIRR) is a gathering of professional practitioners of African American folk magic, hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork who provide psychic readings and spiritual root doctoring services to the public. AIRR promotes quality service and ethical conduct by means of accreditation and evaluation of our members. Unlike commercial online psychic reader services, AIRR is a membership-supported organization that receives no fees or kickbacks for referrals.